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Brand matters to customers looking for products and partners they can count on. It also makes a big difference to the most talented job-seekers. Communities welcome companies that have positive brand images with open arms. And, more than ever before, investors reward companies with strong, well-known and respected brands.

Studies consistently show that, all other things being equal, people prefer to buy brands they know and trust. Strong brands can also help a company command a price premium, grow market share, reduce the cost of sales and become more competitive in the marketplace.

But what is this thing called "brand"? When people hear the word, they often think first about the company name, logo, product names, packaging and advertising slogans. All those things are important, of course. But when we talk about brand in today's RKB Bearing Industries, we're really talking about the total RKB Bearing Industries experience and expertise. We're talking about all the factors that come together to form our image and reputation. We're talking about the way people think, feel and respond when they hear the words "RKB Bearing Industries".

Our brand is backed by more than a decade of accomplishments in a wide range of complex and exacting business specialties. While there is great strength in the diversity of our business and product portfolio, there is a common denominator that ties most of RKB Bearing Industries together: a knowledge-based solutions expertise.