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Corporate governance is how we organize the leadership and management of our company and how we operate in practice - ultimately aims at leading us to success, protecting the interests of our shareholders while creating value for them and for all stakeholders. Good corporate governance seeks to balance entrepreneurship, control and transparency, while supporting the firm's success by ensuring efficient decision-making processes.

We know that good corporate governance is vital to business success and therefore we are committed to observing international best practice at all times.

Our corporate governance policies and procedures comply with internationally accepted standards of corporate governance. The Group is committed to safeguarding the interests of its stakeholders and recognizes the importance of corporate governance in achieving this. We also know that transparent disclosure of our organizational and management structure as well as other aspects of our corporate governance may help stakeholders assess the quality of the Group and its management and assist clients and investors in their investment decisions.

We adhere to the principles set out in the Swiss Code of Best Practice.