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The social and economic impacts of global climate change are becoming increasingly evident. It is therefore essential for the international community to take prompt action to prevent the most severe consequences of climate change. RKB Bearing Industries can contribute to these efforts by implementing internal measures and by using its expertise to create innovative products and services.

Climate Change
Climate change is one of the greatest challenges facing mankind. We and our clients are also impacted by climate developments. We are responding to this issue by implementing internal environmental measures to help mitigate the negative effects of climate change.

Climate protection and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions are two of the most pressing issues of our times - a fact that was highlighted in a report by the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in early February 2007, which warned of the negative consequences of climate change. We recognized the need for action at an early stage and are systematically implementing climate-related measures on a number of levels.

Starting from 2009, for example, RKB Europe SA and RKB SA are using for their scopes only energy coming from renewable green sources, thereby achieving greenhouse gas neutrality.

Operational Ecology
In our sustainability policy, we pledge to support sustainable development and to protect the environment. Our activities focus on reducing our greenhouse gas emissions and on achieving greenhouse gas neutrality for all our operations worldwide. Our environmental management system, which is certified according to ISO 14001, helps us safeguard resources, reduce environmental impacts and save costs. Operational ecology is therefore an important aspect which contributes to our long-term business success.

Sparing use of resources
Energy consumption (electricity and heat) is the area in which we have by far the largest operational impact on the environment. We therefore try to find the most environmentally friendly solutions wherever possible and economically viable by making targeted use of energy-saving technologies and by focusing on achieving a high level of energy efficiency when realizing operational enhancements. In addition, we raise our employees' awareness of the need to consume energy sparingly and urge them to make careful use of natural resources. Therefore starting from 2007 we began renovation of our immovable property to reduce energy consumption.