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RKB Shared Services Centre is the newest member of the RKB Bearing Industries Group.

From its main office in Bucharest, since January 2016 RKB SSC has been acting as the global service company of the Group to ensure a smooth interaction with RKB customers.

The responsibilities of RKB SSC are related to Accounting, Customer Services, Import-Export and Logistics, Pricing and Purchasing activities and are crucial for the success of the business relationship with the Customer.

Given the challenging and competitive bearings market, RKB SSC relies on its continuous skill-improvement mentality and flexibility mind-set to respond with proficiency to the demands of the day-to-day business. Therefore, the members of RKB SSC pride themselves with high product knowledge, good communication skills and strong sense of Customer Satisfaction.

As an RKB SSC team member you will be entering an inspiring and rewarding working environment that will enrich your professional development. So, if RKB SSC has triggered your interest, please feel free to contact us at