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RKB Bearing Industries is your partner in building your dreams for the future. Through RKB Bearing personal training, you'll grow the knowledge and skills to perform in your role, as well as prepare for the next step in your career at RKB.

Designed as a centralized global resource, RKB personal training comprises three levels:

1. Basic

2. Intermediate

3. Advanced

All these programs have been designed taking account of:

•  Vision, values, strategy and culture training

•  Key concepts and skills to drive strategic initiatives

•  Leadership and talent management skills

•  Technical skills

•  Professional skills

•  Business, operational and functional skills

Through our network of internal and external resources, you'll have access to programs that help you advance your career with ongoing learning opportunities.

Through these programs you will interact directly with our clients, partners and resident directors, creating a perfect network to improve your technical, human and business knowledge.