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In the last years RKB has heavily expanded its production sites, acquiring and mastering the latest technology available in the market:


Leading-edge R&D and Engineering supported by advanced calculation and simulation tools for continuous improvement of inner design and geometry of bearing parts

Fully equipped metrological and chemical laboratories for comprehensive bearing analysis

Top quality hardened bearing steel with cleanliness specifications up to Grade A as per Standards specs ASTM E3 and E45 (JX80X Series Protocol and RD1-800 Series Protocol)

Special bearing steel Type.RA or Type.RAV for premium reliability in critical/severe applications (equivalent to Grade 6 and Grade 7)

Manufacturing finishing up to roughness value Ra = 0,2 (latest generation CNC super-finishing grinders)

'Tough-rollers' manufacturing technology (dia. min. 30-40 mm)

Anti-wear surface treatment technology for rings and/or rollers (AWT)

Phosphate treatment technology (PT)

Special heat treatment technology for rings stabilization up to S4

Advanced hardening treatment technology (including bainite HB)

With 88,500 sqm of assets facilities, RKB is fully vertically integrated, from raw material procurement to after-sales activities, with manufacturing technology up to 1925 mm outside diameter and a production capacity of over 350 tons of steel per month.
Through the direct control of every manufacturing phase, RKB Bearing Industries can assure proper quality consistency, flexibility and cost advantages in the long term.

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