It is hard to imagine any area of today’s industry that does not use rolling element bearings. An object that seems so trivial actually turns out to incorporate a huge amount of knowledge from mechanics, mathematics, physics, chemistry etc. The rolling element bearing industry was among the first to use fatigue life as a design criterion. As a result, the term “reliability” synonymous with “probability of survival” is familiar to rolling bearing manufacturers and users. The concept of basic rating life L10 (proposed since 1924 by Palmgren [10]) is used today as a measure of the bearing performance. By means of ISO load rating… Read more
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RKB at TATEF 2010
RKB Turkey, the Turkish branch of the RKB Group, was present with its own stand at TATEF 2010, the 13th International Metalworking Technologies Exhibition held in Istanbul. A delegation of the RKB Executive Headquarters, headed by the CRM Director for the Asia and Middle East… Read more
Enlargement of test rig center in RKB T3 Plant
In order to improve the R&D activity of the Group, the center dedicated to the dynamic analysis of bearings in RKB T3 Plant was enlarged with the installation of new ABLT 5A Bearing Life Testers. These machines can effectively test deep groove ball bearings, short cylindrical… Read more
Attestations of product conformity
The cylindrical and spherical roller bearings and radial ball bearings manufactured by the RKB Group have been assessed against the relevant ISO standards by the University of Brasov (Transylvania) and passed all the tests and analyses performed by Prof. Ioan Stroe, member… Read more