The RKB Bearing Industries Group specializes in the design and production of many different types of multi-row cylindrical roller bearings, that is rolling bearings composed of at least one inner ring, one or two outer rings, two or more cages and four, six or eight rows of rollers, both metric and inch sizes. Thanks to the numerous executions, features and sizes available (from below 100 up to 900 mm bore and over 3 tons of unit mass), RKB can satisfy even the most demanding requirements in various standard and special industrial applications, in severe and critical conditions. With the development…   Read more
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New article on RKB big size rolling bearings
As big size rolling bearings are going to play an essential role in proper operation of complex machinery, their design and production call for wise quality-oriented decisions by the manufacturer, under pain of unexpected faults or, still worse, machine downtimes. On this topic, Organi… Read more
New video seminar on bearing optimization
In this new online scientific seminar, Prof. Lucian Tudose, Head of the RKB Advanced Calculations and Optimization Department, investigates the potentialities of Evolutionary Algorithms to design optimized rolling-contact bearings with high capacity, low weight, low friction… Read more
RKB at Shiraz Trade Exhibition 2011
The RKB Group was present with its own booth at Shiraz International Trade Exhibition 2011, one of the most important bridge between domestic industrial companies and international organizations. Under the supervision of RKB’s CRM Director for the Asia and Middle… Read more
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