In facing the challenge of assuring the quality at all levels within the production chain, the RKB Bearing Industries Group has revised and implemented a thorough and disciplined approach to product quality. The technology, tools, techniques and policy necessary to achieve efficient and effective quality in raw materials, in-process operations and finished products requires coordination across the manufacturing process of high-technological value-added rolling bearings. By means of 33 detailed flowcharts, the new RKB General Quality Program (GQP0211AE) focuses on the rigorous procedures, programs and protocols followed by our facilities to ensure the highest levels of quality in every single step of the manufacture of all bearing components.   Download the new RKB General Quality Program
Featured News Articles
Masterpieces from RKB Swiss Headquarters
Masterpieces are extremely accurate bearing prototypes with dimensional values very close to the nominal ones. RKB masterpieces are directly produced in the Executive Headquarters and Technological Center of Balerna (Switzerland) by means of machines endowed with the latest… Read more
RKB at World of Industry 2011
RKB Turkey, the Turkish branch of the RKB Bearing Industries Group, joined with its own booth the last edition of the World of Industry (WIN) 2011, the leading trade show in manufacturing industry in whole of Eurasian region. The strong international participation and the high level of qualified… Read more
New SRB design for vibrating machinery
In many heavy engineering applications, such as vibrating screens and hammers, bearings are subjected to high speeds, high vibrations and heavy loads. In these severe conditions, RKB recommends using its new ROVSX spherical roller bearings, that are manufactured with the… Read more
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