The Technical Department of RKB has produced a new educational video on our quality control program, which is rooted in RKB top management’s insistence on quality and encompasses controls on multiple levels, from raw material procurement, through pre-process and in-process operations to post-process check activities. The multi-level quality control system for rolling bearings which is currently being run by RKB is organized and supervised by the RKB Quality Control Bureau, which is an executive structure of the Technical Division dedicated to managing quality under all respects, and has the objective of ensuring that the appropriate quality procedures are in place and constantly followed at all levels of organization.   View the RKB Educational Video
Featured News Articles
New technical brochure on spherical roller bearings
In light of the long standing experience of RKB in designing and manufacturing spherical roller bearings, with, at present, more than 2750 different part numbers engineered, up to 1580 mm outer diameter, the RKB Bearing Industries Group has realized the new technical brochure… Read more
New documents in Italian, German, French and Spanish
In order to successfully face the new challenges emerging in the global market and to ensure an ever-growing proximity to its customer needs, the RKB Bearing Industries Group has released the Italian, German, French and Spanish versions of its “Brief Company Profile”, “Why RKB… Read more
New article on stabilizer fin system of a maritime ship
“Gyrofin Stabilizer System” is a special project developed by RKB Bearing Industries in cooperation with a prestigious European shipbuilding group. The main scope of this project was to design some customized roller bearings to be used for a stabilizer fin system of a maritime… Read more