The heat-treatment workshop in RKB T3 Plant is being enlarged and upgraded with the purchase of a new completely automatic line. The roller-hearth RGB-360 series heat treatment production line was specifically designed for salt bath martensite-bainite isothermal quenching of different types of bearings and rolling elements. High purity nitrogen atmosphere is used in this roller-hearth controlled atmosphere bainite martempering heat treatment production line, which is… Read more
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RKB joins FEIMAFE 2011 in São Paulo of Brazil
ATI Brasil, the commercial partner of RKB for the Brazilian market, joined with its own booth the 13th edition of the FEIMAFE, the leading trade fair in machine tools and integrated manufacturing systems in São Paulo, Brazil. The strong international participation and the high level… Read more
RKB announces production of new split roller bearings
The split cylindrical and spherical roller bearings manufactured by RKB were specifically designed for arrangements particularly difficult to access. Split bearings, which are typically used in cold tube rolling mill crankshafts, bucket wheel excavators etc., permit bearing… Read more
New article on how to choose the right bearing source
The RKB article “A Detailed Guide to Choose the Right Supplier” was published in the April/May 2011 issue of TrasMec, the technical magazine of ASSIOT (Italian Association of Gears and Transmission Elements Manufacturers). The author of the article establishes the guidelines… Read more