The RKB Bearing Industries Group specializes in working toe-to-toe with customers to find efficient solutions for their applications. The experience gained over the years allows RKB to develop and produce premium quality technological bearings in a variety of industries such as iron and steel, power transmission, mines and mineral, marine and offshore, and other heavy engineering applications. The new technical leaflets show just a few of the special projects involving the technological and application-optimized bearings engineered and manufactured by RKB. Download the new RKB technical leaflets from our Web Site
Featured News Articles
RKB India awarded ISO 9001, 14001 and 27001 certificates
United Registrar of Systems Ltd. (URS) is a highly reputed international organization, whose main activity is auditing, assessment and certification services against internationally accepted standards of varied disciplines, such as quality, environment, social, information… Read more
New technology for RKB split spherical roller bearings
The RKB Bearing Industries Group announces reinforcement of the manufacturing technology for split spherical roller bearings in its T3 Plant. Similarly to split cylindrical roller bearings, the split spherical roller bearings manufactured by RKB are specifically engineered arrangements… Read more
RKB enriches its collection of multilingual documents
The range of new technical and commercial publications produced by RKB in different languages has recently been enriched by the addition of a few important documents translated into a variety of national languages. To better satisfy the world-class attitude of our Group, RKB has… Read more