In the cement industry, vertical mills MPS Series are used to grind bulk materials that remarkably differ in terms of grindability and abrasiveness. In virtue of its long-standing experience in the sector, the RKB Group has recently provided one of the world-premium manufacturers of vertical crushers with a series of large size technological bearings expressly designed for high and… Read more
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RKB defines special protocol for high speed TQO/TQOS bearings
Thanks to the adoption of the latest manufacturing technology, that enables to reach tighter allowances, the RKB Group has developed a new production protocol for TQO/TQOS bearings specifically designed for high speed applications, particularly cold rolling mills for the steel and aluminum… Read more
RKB releases new brochure on Phosphate Treatment
RKB has issued its new technical brochure on Phosphate Treatment (PT), which is a thermo-chemical coating treatment in which the bearing components made of steel are immersed in a dilute solution of phosphoric acid and manganese phosphate. The intrinsic… Read more
RKB reinforces pro-active maintenance activities
The RKB Bering Industries Group has freshly reinforced its after sales activities in terms of machine condition monitoring. Understanding the data originating from the diagnostic pulse by means of the most advanced technologies mastered by skilled personnel represents… Read more
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