The Engineering and Research Department of the RKB Group has recently developed a new line of taper roller bearings specifically designed for the high-powered tracked trenchers used in excavation of big ditches and quarries. The optimized inner geometry of such bearings permits to get higher load carrying capacities and an extremely precise axial adjustment on shaft… Read more
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RKB T3 Plant signs big contract for steel procurement
RKB has recently closed an important deal with one of its authorized steelmakers for the procurement of more than 500 tons of extremely clean steel (RKB RAV Protocol) for the manufacture of its rolling bearings. In the last decade the Swiss Group has made great strides in the field… Read more
RKB strengthens operations in Indian market
The operations of RKB in India have been remarkably strengthened in the last months, also thanks to the opening of the new "shop" of the Swiss Group Indian branch in Nagdevi Cross Lane 40, Mumbai. Moreover, the stock of RKB India has been greatly enlarged and enhanced with technological… Read more
New article introducing RKB published in AITI Flash
The new article “RKB: Tecnologia Svizzera per l’Industria Pesante” has been published in the last issue of AITI Flash, the magazine of the Ticino Industries Association, an independent organization headquartered in Lugano and established in 1962 to promote and support… Read more
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