The new article entitled “RKB: dalla Svizzera con Precisione” has been published in the April issue of Quarry&Construction, the leading Italian magazine for the mining industry. The article presents the RKB Group, its product segments and the corporate multilevel quality control system it uses to manufacture premium quality industrial rolling bearings. You can find the article… Read more
Featured News Articles
RKB attends M-Tech 2012 exhibition in Tokyo (Japan)
M-Tech is Japan's largest exhibition in the field of bearings and other mechanical parts that attracts a significant number of professionals from design, development, manufacturing, production engineering, procurement and quality control departments, who are looking for solutions for their… Read more
Prof. Spiridon Cretu chairman of 5th ACME Conference
As the head of the Research and Engineering Department of the RKB Group, prof. Spiridon Cretu has opened the 5th International Conference on Advanced Concepts in Mechanical Engineering that took place last June in Iasi. In this occasion, Prof. Cretu had also the chance to present his… Read more
New article on fake bearings published in Italian magazine
Counterfeit bearings have become a big issue worldwide. In its last issue, the technical magazine Organi di Trasmissione has tried to shed some light on this phenomenon thanks to the cooperation of the Director of International Sales of the RKB Group. To avoid fake bearings… Read more
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