The D&B Rating Certificate is the quality certification mark for commerce and stands for both reliability and stability. Only two percent of Swiss companies meet the conditions for the D&B Rating Certificate. Among other things, to be issued with this certificate a company must have been rated… Read more
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RKB reinforces
overall laboratories
The RKB Group has finalized the update of the metallographic and metallurgical laboratories in its Executive Headquarters and Technological Center in Balerna (Switzerland). The reinforcement of the laboratories has involved the whole quality system, including infrastructure, equipment and… Read more
RKB manufactures one the largest ever sealed SRB
The RKB Group has successfully designed, optimized and manufactured one of the largest ever spherical roller bearings with integrated lateral seals. The bearing (440 mm bore diameter) has been expressly realized for operation in extremely contaminated environments… Read more
RKB T3 Plant acquires new coordinate measuring machine
The metrological laboratory of the RKB T3 Plant has been recently enhanced by the acquisition of a new large size coordinate measuring machine (CMM) in addition to the existing ones. The high precision Zeiss-branded machine is able to measure big size workpieces using… Read more
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