The RKB Bearing Industries Group has freshly renewed with Techint the contract for the supply of standard and technological rolling bearings till 2018. RKB is one of the selected premium global partners of Techint for the provision of top quality bearings. RKB’s long experience… Read more
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RKB releases updated collection of multilingual documents
The collection of RKB multilingual documents has been enhanced by the release of new pieces of literature, in paper and digital form. The new layout of Product brochures is now available in German, French and Italian. But that's not all! “This is RKB” and “Product Table” have also been… Read more
RKB supports education in developing countries
This year, besides renewing the support to the Child Guardian program of Save the Children, the leading independent organization that improves the lives of children through better education, the RKB Group starts a new collaboration with ATKYE (Associazione Ticino Kenia Youth Education)… Read more
RKB opens new branch office in Bucharest, Romania
RKB announces the opening of RKB Shared Services Centre Srl, its new branch office in Bucharest, Romania. The official opening, which took place on November 1, is part of the company’s global strategy to improve service level and support growth worldwide. The creation of this… Read more
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